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ACRA has several youth programs that are offered to the community. These include the Kids Afternoon Programs (KAP) hosted at the elementary schools in Jackson, Sutter Creek, and Ione, plus the School Break Camps Program including Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring breaks.

Welcome to ACRA’s
School Fall Break Camp 2023

We are excited to offer Fall School Break Camp at Jackson Elementary School during school district’s non-school days of October 16th though October 20th. Children ages 4 (TK) through 12 years old are welcome to participate.

Two enrollment options are available:
Regular Day: 8 am to 4 pm. The price is $150.
Extended Day: 7 am to 5:30 pm. The price is $185.
Payments are due by Wednesday, October 11th

We accept TRC subsidy for payment.  If your family has a TRC Subsidy and also participates in the ACRA KAP Program, your enrollment fees will automatically be covered. You still need to complete Registration Form online to reserve your spot.

If you have been approved for a TRC Subsidy but do NOT participate in the ACRA KAP program, please contact your TRC case worker before camp starts, and ask to issue Temporary Change of Provider Certificate with ACRA as a “Provider”. Be sure to complete your Registration Form to hold the space in the program.

PayPal Payment option (does not require a PayPal account) is provided when you submit your enrollment form online.  You can pay cash by stopping by ACRA office Monday through Thursday 10 am- 3:00 pm.

Late Pick-Up Fees: There is a Late Pick-Up fee of $25 if the child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the end of the day for the chosen plan, as shown below:

     Regular day late charges begin at 4:15pm.
     Extended day late charges begin at 5:45pm.

Children enrolled in the Regular Day option will be served morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Those enrolled in Extended Day will be also offered breakfast and a late afternoon snack. Children can bring their own snacks and lunches. Please, no candy or soda.

Sophie Starostina – Youth Programs Supervisor:
209-223-6349 or (209)728-7005-cell
Tara Beshara – Administrative Assistant 209-223-6373
Justin Howard – ACRA Executive Director: 209-223-6379

What Will We Learn?

Our Fall Break Camp’s Focus of Study will be on Grains and Breads of the World. Each day of the week children will learn about staple foods of different origins and cultures.

In addition to these plant, history, and food-focused activities we will offer a variety of arts and crafts, games, music, and sports activities. We have a wide variety of toys for building, pretend play, sensory and learning.


CornOn Monday we will learn about corn.

We will study the plant, and talk about ways it is used by humans. Community volunteers will demonstrate the making of masa and will teach the children how to make handmade tortillas. Everyone can make their own!

We will bake them and have homemade tacos for lunch!

On Tuesday we will learn about wheat.

We will study the plant, its history of domestication, and myriads of uses. Local business community volunteers will demonstrate the process of raising the dough and making the pizza.

Guess what is for lunch on Tuesday? Homemade pizza!

RiceOn Wednesday we will focus on the rice.

How does the rice grow? Is all rice the same? Which country grows the most of the world’s rice? These and many other questions will be answered through our study.

And, of course, we will have one of these delicious rice dishes for lunch!

OatsOn Thursday we will learn about oats.

We will explore their important role in nature, our nutrition, and agriculture in general.

For our snack that day we will have a hearty bowl of homemade oatmeal, with many healthy toppings to choose from.

Mixed GrainsOn Friday we will learn about less-known grains and seeds like quinoa, barley, millet and buckwheat.

Virtual trips to South America, the Middle East and Russia, as well as examples of each of the grains, dry and cooked, will help kids learn to identify, appreciate, and maybe even like these ancient staple foods.