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Pioneer Park, Mollie Joyce Park, Fiddletown Park, River Pines Park, Lyon's Park

Ball Field $75 per day
Lights $25 per day
Snack Shack $25 per hour (plus utility fee)
Picnic Area $50 per day
Scout Hut $10 per hour / $65 per day (plus utility fee)
Vet’s Hall (hall only) $20 per hour (plus utility fee)
Vet’s Hall (kitchen & hall) $40 per hour / $250 per day includes stove and fridge (plus utility fee)
Monthly Rentals $10 per meeting/hour (must make 4+ reservations per year & pay upfront with application)
Utility Fee $25 day
Cleaning Deposit $100 refundable (after the key is turned in and the venue is inspected by ACRA personnel)
Dunk Tank Rental $100 per day + $50 to $100 optional delivery & pick-up fee
Outdoor Cinema Rental $600

Facilities Use Permit must be filled out before rental. If using Pioneer Park Keys, keys must be signed out and in​.


What is Dissemination? This is ACRA’s flyer distribution program to publicize your upcoming event.​​

ACRA will distribute your fliers to more than 85 locations around Amador County for just $75! Flyers submitted will be processed and disseminated within a month’s time. A flyer with dates within 2 weeks cannot be disseminated. Flyers larger than 8.5″x11″ will be charged an additional $5.

For more information: Call the ACRA office at 209-223-6359 or e-mail