2024 Summer Camp Fun Days Information

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Dear Summer Fun Days Camp Families,

Thank you for enrolling your child in ACRA’s Summer Fun Days Camp! We put together an enthusiastic and experienced team of 10 Instructors and Counselors to run this great program for your children. We also added another Leadership position to our camp staff. Stephanie Chateauvert will be our Camp Lead Coordinator. She will be there everyday to answer any of your questions, or concerns, and to make sure your children have everything they need to have a great summer experience at ACRA’s Summer Fund Days Camp. See all the great activities she planned for your children for each day and week of the camp at the bottom section of this page. Stephanie’s email  is schateauvert@amadorgov.org

Location / Parking / Drop-off & Pick-Up:

Summer Camp will be at the  Amador High School’s campus. Please park at the Amador High Visitor Parking lot or the parking lot down by the Sutter Creek Elementary. Then, proceed to the cafeteria room (light blue building). Drop off and pick up is always at the cafeteria room.  Please be prepared to provide your ID when picking up your child; this is done for your child’s protection, but as the camp staff gets familiarized with the parents/guardians, this may no longer be needed.

Our program starts at 8 am (7:00 am for extended hours), but being there at 8 am is not mandatory, and children will not be reprimanded for being late. We hope they will be eager to get to camp early to get a full day of fun in, but it is up to you when you bring them in or pick them up. Pick up is no later than 4 pm (up to 5:30 for extended hours).

Meals & Snacks:

We serve breakfast for children enrolled in Extended Day, then one morning snack, lunch, and one afternoon snack for everyone. There is also one late snack for  children enrolled in Extended Day. Children can bring their own snacks and lunches as well. Please, no soda or candy.

Swimming & Suncreen:

We go to the swimming pool every afternoon, but children will have an opportunity to choose not to go to the pool on some of the days. Instead, they can spend the afternoon with the camp instructor in the air conditioned cafeteria room and the outside lawn area. However, make sure to send a swim suit, towel and sunscreen with your child daily, even on the days your child is not planning to be swimming. This allows to avoid a disappointment when they change their mind later. If your child is a non-swimmer, please provide a well fitted swim vest. It is helpful but not necessary to provide the water shoes and goggles too.

We ask you that you apply a generous layer of sunscreen on your child’s body and face before dropping them off at the camp. Since camp staff is not allowed to touch the children to help them apply the sunscreen, please send the spray type of sunscreen with your child. We will be happy to help re-apply spray sunscreen during swim breaks.

Camp staff is not permitted to help children change in their swim suits. The only place to change for the children is in the bathroom stall, which is not equipped with hooks and shelves, so cloths end up on the floor during changing. It also creates long waiting lines. This can be avoided if your child wears swimming suit under their regular cloths right from the beginning of the day. Boys can just wear their swim trunks all day instead of shorts, girls are better off in two piece swim suits for easy use of the bathroom. We also highly recommend well fitted rash guard shirts. They prevent sunburn, protect from chafing by swim vests, and look so cool on kids as a regular shirts too! Change of cloths can be put in your child’s backpack if you want them to change before you pick them up. But usually, by the time children are back from the pool, their swim suits are dry.


And, last, but not the least, it is important that your child wears closed toe comfortable shoes, like sneakers, to camp, so that he/she can safely participate in sports, and play on the playground. You can provide another pair of shoes for the pool, like flip flops or water shoes, and put them in the back pack with the towel and other things for the pool, but it is not necessary.

We really hope Summer Fun Days Camp will be a positive experience for you and your children. Please, do not hesitate to email or call to me if you have any questions, concerns, wishes, or suggestions.

We are looking forward to see you and your children at our Summer Fun Days Camp!

Sophie Starostina
Youth Programs Supervisor
Amador County Recreation Agency (ACRA)
209-223-6349 – office
209-728-7005 – cell

Summer Fun Days camp

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Game is On

Week 1 – “Game On”

During this first week of camp, we will play games that help kids, Camp Instructors and Counselors get to know each other while building new friendships and creating a sense of camp community. Games of all kinds will be explored this week! Create a Minecraft self-portrait, learn about cultural games like “Mancala” and even make your own board game and Tic-Tac-Toe.  Icebreaker games like “Name Dropping”, “Name Ball Bounce” and “Shoe Pile” will be played first, and then focus is on cooperative, non-competitive games like “Hula Hoop Pass”. The week will also include more traditional games, like UNO and Bingo as well as outdoor games for our competitive campers like Blob Tag.

our universe

Week 2 – “Our Universe”

Due to children’s demands during our Winter and Spring camps where we touched on subjects such as origins of water on Earth, formation of our Solar system, gravity and Black Holes, we will dedicate this whole week in Summer to talk about the fascinating subject of Space. Needles to say, discussions about the Universe will inspire artistic imagination as well scientific curiosity. We will satisfy both with reading books, watching science videos, having open ended discussions, building models of the solar system, creating cosmic art, sharing short science fiction stories, and listening to cool Space Music. Along with, Baking Soda Rockets and “Moon Rock Relays” this week will be out of this world!

tropical fruit

Week 3 – “Tropical Fruit”

This week will be a tropical treat for the camper’s senses, as well as their curiosity. We will learn about, feel, smell, and taste different fruits from tropical areas: kiwi, dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, passion fruit, papaya and jackfruit! We will create artistic displays made from these fruits, use them for nature sketching and paintings as well as projects in biomimicry. What animals eat these tropical fruits in the wild? Where in the world do these tropical fruits grow? Campers will have a totally tropical time finding out!

American Flag with Stars

Week 4 – “Proud to be an American”

This is a short week before we close to observe Independence Day on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th so we are packing all of the All American fun into three days! Our campers will be learning about many amazing places and landmarks of the United States of America. We will talk about the history of Independence Day and share what makes them proud to be an American. A visit from our Fire Department and Police, learning about fireworks, and American classics like baseball and ice cream make this week a celebration of our 50 states.

Reptile World

Week 5 – “Reptile Week”

This week will be sssuper fun for young fans of slithering snakes and carnivorous crocodiles to dinosaur digs. Campers will learn about reptiles’ prehistoric ancestors, reptile symbolism in various cultures, our many local reptilian inhabitants and even enjoy an actual live reptile presentation! Lizard Tag and plenty of reptile STEM activities will keep our reptile world fans enthralled all week.

magic week

Week 6 – “Magic”

Abracadabra! Campers will be mystified with this magical week. We will explore topics like “magic” in nature, for example real life dragons and bioluminescence. Campers will learn, play, create and discuss fairies and wizards, superheroes with magical powers, science experiments that SEEM like magic and even learn a magic trick or two!

olympic games<br />

Week 7 – “Olympic Games”

The 2024 Summer Olympics are in Paris, France but we will be learning about the Olympic Games right here at our Camp! We will make an olive wreath to wear just like the first Olympians, find out what countries have hosted the Olympics and try out a STEM activity like building your own javelin/catapult. Campers can try their hand at Camp’s version of Beach Volleyball, swim like an Olympic athlete, build their own torch for an Olympic style relay race and create a ribbon prop to perform their very own floor routine like an Olympic gymnast. Let the games begin!